View Full Version : A New Mantra: Follow the Methane — May Advance Search for Extraterrestrial Life

2014-Jun-20, 08:30 PM
The search for life is largely limited to the search for water. We look for exoplanets at the correct distances from their stars for water to flow freely on their surfaces, and even scan radiofrequencies in the “water hole” between the 1,420 MHz emission line of neutral hydrogen and the 1,666 MHz hydroxyl line. When […]

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2014-Jun-21, 02:14 AM
Seems to me that one problem with a liquid methane medium is the ambient temperature at which it exists. Chemical reaction rates are proportional to temperature, so here they would proceed at a correspondingly glacial pace, meaning any possible life would need aeons to get anywhere. We might find amino acids, sure, but not much more complex in any meaningful timeframe. Seems to me.