View Full Version : Banned from Chemtrail Central----again!

2004-Dec-27, 03:36 AM
Gee whillikers, those people are so TESTY! Someone posts something critical or counter to their line of thinking and BAM! You're outta here! (Apparently they are not interested in hearing the Voice of Reason.)

At least HERE those with ideas counter to most are at least given a chance to air their beliefs and are given a chance to expain them.


2004-Dec-27, 03:43 AM
I used to post there myself until the site refused to let me. It was strange, one minute I could post, the next I didn't have permission to post to the fora. No explicit ban, in the sense of an announcement that "Fortis had been banned" but I also had no response to any e-mails to the mod, so I'm guessing that my views were not in line with official doctrine. ;)

2004-Dec-27, 03:50 AM
Yep, post something counter to their doctrine and you can expect to be called all sort of names and to be ridiculed and slammed---THEN you are banned, so you can't even protest or defend yoursef or your views.

What's funny is they are really big on the way the g-ment is really getting down on everybody. The irony that THEY are doing the same must really be too much for their chemtrail addled minds!