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2014-Jun-27, 08:15 PM
... one giant latte for mankind.

From R&D magazine (http://www.rdmag.com/news/2014/06/cosmic-caffeine-astronauts-getting-espresso-maker-0?et_cid=4020228&et_rid=54636800&location=top)

Talk about a cosmic caffeine jolt. The International Space Station is getting a real Italian espresso machine.

Astronauts of all nationalities—but especially the Italians—have long grumbled about the tepid instant coffee served in pouches and drunk with straws 260 miles above Earth. The pouches and straws aren't going away, but at least the brew will pack some zero-gravity punch.

The specially-designed-for-space espresso machine is dubbed ISSpresso—ISS for International Space Station.

Its launch early next year from Wallops Island, Virginia, is timed to coincide with the six-month mission of Italy's first female astronaut, Samantha Cristoforetti. The 37-year-old fighter pilot and Italian Air Force captain will fly to the space station in November aboard a Russian capsule.

She'll be the first out-of-this-world barista.

2014-Jun-27, 08:21 PM
But what will they do with the grounds? I hope they thought this through!

2014-Jun-27, 08:23 PM
They won't call them "grounds", they'll call them "orbits".


2014-Jun-27, 09:20 PM
I hope they're not using instant or, worse, syrup.

2014-Jul-01, 08:50 AM
They won't call them "grounds", they'll call them "orbits".

Here's your coat.