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2014-Jun-29, 02:42 AM
When waiting for World Cup 2014 games, I watched a few beach soccer games (Euro League); it is significantly faster paced than regular soccer, and goals are way more commonplace.
The "no offside, no walls, no draws, no footwear" thing seems to appeal to some people. I saw the Swiss beach soccer jersey that says "Swiss beach soccer).
A few common things: both are highly competitive and physical games; while physical conflicts/strikes are technically illegal, they happen A LOT (even more in beach soccer,
simply due to the small pitch), and both need a ball and two goals to play.
Russia, while features a world class beach soccer team, has just a second-rated soccer team that hasn't had much successes in international competitions.
Canada features a first-class women soccer team, but men soccer team in Canada is quite miserable when compared to the American team. (Our season doesn't allow winter activities beside the snow sports.)
While regular soccer remains one of the most popular sports (the association with Britain and British imperialism and football/soccer is somewhat bizarre; soccer isn't that important in the three largest English speaking countries: United States, Canada, and Australia, and football/soccer is way more important in Latin America than most former British colonies.)
As far as former British colonies are concerned, only Ghana, Nigeria, and Cameroon (in fact only part of Cameroon was formerly British) can be considered relatively solid as far as national soccer teams are concerned. While they are usually superior to most Asian teams, they usually don't match European or Latin American teams as far as organization and tactics are concerned.
Tactics and organization are some of the most important things in team sports (especially with 11 or more players; this is also why soccer is also a demonstration of wealth, power and organization.)
Let's stay away from national politics and FIFA governance, though.

2014-Jul-02, 06:12 AM
Can anyone explain the incompetence of Canadian Men's Soccer Team? We have a much better women's team here.

2014-Jul-02, 11:09 AM

2014-Jul-03, 04:16 AM
While the association between hockey and Canada is very strong, we haven't won the Stanley Cup for two decades.
My observation: in spite of its long play time and boring long passes, Association Football (soccer) remains one of the most played or watched sports.
Still wondering: Russia is strong in beach soccer, but is performing rather lousy in traditional soccer.