View Full Version : What Created This Huge Crater In Siberia?

2014-Jul-16, 05:10 PM
What is it with Russia*and explosive events of cosmic origins?*The 1908 Tunguska Explosion, the Chelyabinsk bolide of February 2013, and now this: an enormous 80-meter wide crater discovered in the Yamal peninsula*in northern Siberia! To be fair, this crater is not currently thought to be from a meteorite impact but rather an eruption from below, […]

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John Mendenhall
2014-Jul-16, 05:24 PM
Impact into permafrost? Sure looks odd.

2014-Jul-26, 05:04 PM
Pingo/gas/blow-out combo?

2014-Jul-26, 05:09 PM
+1. I'm betting on some sort of gas blow out due to thaw. Has all the right characteristics.