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2014-Jul-18, 01:43 PM
Hopefully this is the right place to post this? Sorry if not.

Last night I was watching TV and around 10:15pm our house was suddenly rattled by what sounded like an big explosion. My wife had already gone to bed but she was awakened and ran downstairs to ask "What the heck was that?" This morning on the local news it was reported to be a similar event to what occurred over Russia last year, thankfully on a smaller scale. Below is a summary of the trajectory based upon eye witness accounts from NC to PA. Apparently it went right over us but being inside I did not notice a flash but did indeed feel the concussion which was quite loud and physically shook the house. No damage done. Anyone else in my area experience it?


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2014-Jul-18, 01:58 PM
Yeah Dave, Wow! is what I first thought too last nite.
Here's more info from our local news....


2014-Jul-19, 08:26 PM
Hopefully this is the right place to post this? Sorry if not.

I think Astronomy makes more sense than Bad Astronomy, since this isn't Bad, nor does it have anything to do with Phil Plait's blog. No harm, no foul.