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2014-Jul-24, 09:36 PM
Is somebody just as OC and pendantic, even has near perfect recall, who didn't even have the self-discipline to graduate high school. Recalls everything I ever told him for the past twenty years.

So it isn't Sheldon's incredible intelligence or education that makes him abrasive and awkward in social circles. Seems he's just a jerk.

Heck, I already knew that from spending a lot of time with fighter pilots. Those boys were required to do slide-rule calculus in their heads!

I felt sorry for the junior aircrews when I was on ready room phone watch and they were getting grilled by our third in command, Commander Powers. He was an officer I would have literally followed to the Gates of Hell.

"You're at altitude X chasing a Mig 29 weighing X with X amount of fuel, entering a five thousand foot dive at 450 knots and pulling out at an 8 gee climb at X altitude and climbing 3 thousand feet. How fast will it be going and what is its fuel state going to be?.... C'mon! It's all already too late! Did I just see you glance at your slide ruler!?!"

(He had, I saw it too.)

Commander Powers providing all the variables at the time.

Answer that one in five seconds or less Sheldon.(Most incredible intellect I had ever heard of was a child who could speak conversationally at three months old. He wasn't like you or I. It was in the Chronicle in the mid seventies.)

Anyway, my latest encounter with Almost-Sheldon came up after we were watching a streaming internet video on the Shoemaker-Levy impact on Jupiter.

"I thought you told me that it required two bodies for one to capture an object into its orbit."

"It does. The Sun is the other body in this case. And even without the Sun, Jupiter's moons would count. The comet doesn't weigh nearly as much as Io for example."

"The Sun? The Sun is so far away from Jupiter that it looks like a star! Are you sure? You told me yourself that gravity is such a weak force that it takes something the size of the Earth to produce one gee of it!"

"The Sun is nearly 100 times more massive than Jupiter. What did you think kept Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune in orbit? Rails?"

By now I'm doing an imaginary face palm because doing real ones makes him huffy for hours.

Even more annoying is even though he is incapable of navigating the internet himself, (he's seriously obsessive compulsive), he works with the most egregious internet rumor mongers and conspiracy theorists. Picture the folks we get here in CT and ATM, suck out their brains through their noses with a vacuum cleaner and then force feed them a bottle of stupid juice. You would then start to get an approximation. For instance they've convinced him the HARP Project is a weather and mind control device. The report about non-intrusive remote body control didn't help one single bit.

I do try to steer him in the right direction but sometimes I feel I'm shoveling poop against the tide.

There. I feel better now.

2014-Jul-24, 09:43 PM
While on the subject of pilots and some of your other posts, where you mentioned Leyte, do you have any stories relating to the Leyte Gulf encounter in WWII (cruiser escorts Johnston and Roberts take on the Imperial Navy, backed by light aircraft.) Huge acts of bravery that day.

ETA: Know you are not that age, just thought might know of people or stories.

2014-Jul-24, 10:00 PM
My Uncle Don survived two transport sinkings while in the Marines. Once by air attack and once by torpedo attack. The torpedo attack was first and after that he never went below decks on a transport if he could at all help it. Nobody in the interior of the ship survived due to multiple hits on a smallish vessel.

One sinking was at Leyte but I don't know which one.

2014-Jul-24, 11:37 PM
I deal with an almost Sheldon character almost daily. I'll call her "Difficult" because she is. The main difference between "Difficult" and Sheldon is "Difficult" has none of Sheldon's heartwarming and endearing characteristics.

I have received the same lecture, verbatim, from "Difficult" about why her new trainees dislike me. It appears that when the trainees get overwhelmed and a situation gets physical, they would rather be injured than receive my help. Oddly, these people never complain directly to me and are very thankful for my help. So far, all of them (4 or so) have either been reassigned or quit soon after these events.

One time, "Difficult" explained to me that Newbie A was really angry at me and embarrassed that I helped her; the problem with this was that we were discussing Newbie D as A had quit months before and had been replaced 3 times over. Apparently, not only are all trainees the same type of idiot, they all have the same name.

2014-Jul-25, 12:37 AM
I had to look up "Sheldon Cooper". I did correctly guess the series, although I've never watched it.

Not Leyte, but my Dad was on an attack transport at Okinawa, carrying toops in to the landings. And wounded out. He was a medic. He didn't really talk about that much. In fact, he didn't talk about it at all.

2014-Jul-25, 02:29 AM
Just so everybody doesn't think he's insufferable and not merely annoying he's also known for visiting people, leaving and coming back with four or five bags of groceries, unasked, if he didn't think the pantry was well stocked enough for a household with children in it. He's done that quite often over the last thirty years.

And on at least three different occasions he stepped between rampaging canines and the people said canines thought they were going to eat. (He's six foot, 350 pounds) And normally you would think he was non-confrontational to the point of uncomplimentary metaphors evolving small felines or several trees of the genus Salix. Just don't try to eat shawl wearing old Latin women with their grandkids in front of him. It seems to remind him he's six foot, 350 pounds. :)