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2014-Jul-25, 10:14 PM
These could easily all be in separate threads but I'm going to dump them all here.

I'm expecting my new meds today, or tomorrow by the latest and there is just no way on God's green Earth I'm going to post until I'm positive I'm not subject to one of those small print issues, like hyponaturia, even on a Western diet and not making you pee more. (This wonder of pharmacopia is known as oxcarbazepine. I had a hell of a time on it.)

Not being able to regulate your sodium properly not only leads to painful stiffness and very rapid fatigue, (my arms would get tired brushing my teeth. And I use an electric toothbrush), you sort of get crazy. Small scale at first. Fortunately the crazier I got the stiffer I got.

So if I had completely winged out the best I would be able to do would be to shuffle amok. And easily subduable by a pack of fifth graders using thrown blackboard erasers and jump ropes.

Since I still like babbling at you all I'm going to go into self imposed exile for a month, at least, once I get pills in hand. I'll keep a glimmer line open via Fazor as I can't possibly lurk.

So some street observations.

Being on the above medication I honestly moved like a freshly shot-up heroin junkie. It's a very distinctive unsteadiness that this med matched perfectly. Not optimal when you are on foot in an urban area. And I wasn't the only one who thought so either.

The nice coffee shop my brother and I frequent is two and a half blocks from a soup kitchen over a rehab center next to a halfway house. This whole arrangement would work a lot better were it not for the fact two different establishments within a fifty feet of the rehab/halfway center are notorious dens of drug dealing. (Cause? Effect?) and don't go into either one of them looking for cannabis. That's a big sign that says "eat me" and if they leave you with your clothes and a few bruises you got off light.

Now not all badguys play on the same team. In fact most don't.

And most of the knuckleheads who can't adapt don't really realize just how the area stays rather nice despite their presence.

So in my area, non-adaptors publically being stupid are of course dealt with by the police, warned, cited, whatever. The police do a really good job here but they can't be everywhere at once. And the knuckleheads play on this fact. Think they're being clever they do.

And when they do that they run afoul of another faction. This other faction will warn them once if they think the fool deserves one. Don't do it a second time no matter what.

So my brother and I go get coffee and as usual I get a table and he stands in line for the coffee. (I have movement issues.)

Now if you have style and grace you can rock a long hair style where I live, this is San Francisco after all. If you're projecting the heroin junkie image, not so much.

So while my brother is line I get buzzed by an honest to God "torpedo". This big Irish guy comes out of the bathroom and passes me, giving me the stink eye and me being me I gave him the stink eye right back. This put "that light" in his eye and after he passed me he came right back, pointed to my Navy ballcap and asked me:

"What ship were you on?"

Like I had found the hat in a rummage bin or something.

So I freaking told him my ship, my squadron and my shop designation without pausing and in one breath.

Turns out he worked in the Combat Information Center on one of my sister ships at the same time I was in. So he knew I spoke the language.

He still has a bit of a 'tude as former sailors aren't immune to the ills of society anymore than anybody else. So I reached over to the large wooden chair to my right, picked it up by the back leg, lifted it chest high while seated and then put it down in front of him without trembling and said:

"Here, have a seat"

Just as my brother as coming up behind him. That act took so much out me I nearly blacked out, but you all would have been proud how I held it together.

My brother had just got off of work and was wearing all his NASA accouterments and he introduced himself.

I was then labeled a right guy, especially after we told him I was a disabled vet with a TBI and medication issues.

He felt so comfortable he flat out told us he worked for a particular group of Italian restaurant owners and was buzzing me to make sure I wasn't trash.

Remember that crackhead I wrote about a while ago?

He started showing up because the local crack dealers where he lived weren't selling to him anymore and was looking for other pastures.

And he couldn't behave himself around women once he got high. And he even got the verbal warning first.

That crackhead is doing his thing somewhere else now.

Probably haunting Santa Cruz for the moment, on his way south to Los Angeles. That's the natural progression of the more unsavory homeless on the West Coast of the United States. Southward to LA due to the lack of cold weather.

So I had to get a hair cut, bought an "Andy Capp" style hat and started wearing a watch.

Then it just looked like I had a few too many bourbons. Something much more acceptable.

Tired now.

So the next one is going to be a really unique bird watching adventure.

Even weirder than the time I walked right into a nude outdoor photo session.

That ever happen to anybody else?

2014-Jul-25, 11:13 PM
Even weirder than the time I walked right into a nude outdoor photo session.

That ever happen to anybody else?

At least you never walked nude into an outdoor photo session.


2014-Jul-25, 11:15 PM
Looking forward to the nude bird watching session!

(That was what you said, right?)

2014-Jul-26, 03:18 AM

and no.

Guess I have to get that first one out the way first.

My brothers and I were tromping through the redwoods along the Coast Range, eating cattle and terrorizing villagers when we came to a clearing that I always stop at to watch dragonflies eat flying creatures of one sort or the other. One dragonfly can eat an ungodly amount of swarming gnats by the way. They eat everything but the wings.

Now I was fourth out of five walking in single file and I see the guys in front of me getting all embarrassed and trying to look everywhere at once EXCEPT to the right and thought for a moment we were intruding on lovers. It IS a picturesque glen and my friends and I were all playing hooky on a Wednesday. Nope, somebody with a pro set-up was taking Asian cosplay pictures and we intruded halfway into the set. Mr. Photographer, a five foot tall Japanese gentleman never even acknowledged our presence. Now I looked because naked women don't flummox me and I thought it was a model I recognized, Chouzuki Maryou. She's a well known NSFW cosplay model. A warning so as to avoid another Clev/Milena Velba unfiltered googling incident. (Poor guy is STILL in shock. )

Anywho, for some reason, being more than half naked in a silly outfit from a kid's cartoon. I had daughters the right age to have been fanatics, so I going with one of the Sailor Scout characters from Sailor Moon. And the sudden appearance of five cave trolls made her uncomfortable.

Go figure.

Anyway we just kept on walking. Professional at work and all. Models are expensive and cost real money.

So as to this latest birding experience.

I was sitting in a grove of coast cypress that had members with handy horizontal trunks due to being wind blown. This is on top of a 300 foot tall cliff overlooking the Pacific and I could see all the way out to the Farralon islands. Blue skies and white caps out to the horizon.

With some hundred feet to the cliff edge. I was watching for odd seabirds and small raptors that frequent the place. All of a sudden I heard what I thought was the sound of a thigh thick tree branch falling to the ground and all the trees shook.

Then from my right comes this tree squirrel positively motivating so hard it looked like a fast forwarded film of a tree squirrel just positively motivating. And it passed about ten feet in front of me squealing in distress.

Then I heard this other odd sound.

Anybody here ever heard a road runner run? They're plantigrade walkers so when they run they stomp their feet and sound about five times heavier than they actually are.

This sounded just like that, only magnified enormously.

And imagine my surprise when this rather ratty looking golden eagle ran passed in hot pursuit. A second year male if I'm any judge of such things.

Me? My heart nearly stopped and all I could think about was "Cool! Wait until I tell you guys!"

When the squirrel comes back, going left to right, and the eagle is still chasing it on foot, now closed to about five feet behind it and running so fast that he has his wings up for balance.

Since I can hear them running I sit still so I don't miss a thing and this time when they pass the eagle is so close he's literally snapping at this rather upset squirrel's tail. An impressive sound.

But since these things are governed by the rules of fitness the squirrel made it through the oddest set of circumstance.

The squirrel kept ahead of the eagle and made the cover of a deadfall and when the eagle ran into it full tilt into the wood pile four other squirrels ran out in different directions.

I like to think the eagle got one of the ones that hadn't worked so hard to survive. He wolfed it like he was starving. Didn't even peel it.

That doesn't happen in front of me very often. I've honestly run into more naked people.