View Full Version : Curiosity Skips Drilling, Resumes Mount Sharp Trek after Pounding Slippery Rock at Ma

2014-Aug-23, 03:30 AM
NASA’s Curiosity rover will skip drilling into a possible 4th rock target and instead resume the trek to Mount Sharp after finding it was unfortunately a slippery rock at the edge of a Martian valley of slippery sands and was therefore too hazardous to proceed with deep drilling and interior sampling for analysis. After pounding […]

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2014-Aug-24, 05:05 PM
Interesting challenges. I guess a stone block from a wall could trap the rover underneath.
But, maybe too, the drill bit could become locked under a shifting ledge of rock and the rover be stuck unable to move. I wonder if there was any allowance for a stuck bit; for instance can the rover disengage from the drill bit if it does become stuck.