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Peter B
2001-Nov-13, 01:56 PM
I'm sure most of you have seen that footage of the interstage between the first and second stages of Apollo 4 (I think it was) tumbling away from the base of the rocket.

But having just finished reading "The Race", and recently purchasing "Full Moon", I've come to learn about vast amounts of video and camera images NASA has from the Apollo program. (For example, supposedly they even filmed the inside of a liquid hydrogen tank while in free fall in space to see how the remaining fuel sloshed!)

How easily accessible is this footage? I'd like to develop a talk for general consumption about how we know the lunar landings really happened, which would obviously go down better with a few colour piccies, particularly those which have received less publicity.

Who should I talk to?

2001-Dec-10, 06:28 PM
Email: histinfo@hq.nasa.gov
They may be able to fill your requests or point you in the right direction.

Also can view info here
( link from page http://history.nasa.gov/contact.html )

Hope that helps...