View Full Version : Special request on behalf of deceased friend.

2014-Sep-10, 03:25 PM
I've checked with Swift and ToSeek on this. They've given approval.

A hometown friend died in late March. He's been shunned in death by family, due to...um...differences (that's all I will say about it). Family didn't even publish an obituary for Richard in local newspaper nor leave any message at his funeral home wall. :(

Richard was genuinely a very nice person. Upbeat, happy, good sense of humor. I honestly never heard a negative thing from him; never a bad mood either. He moved away, went on with his life. Worked hard, minded his own business.

Though he's a complete stranger to you, would you consider leaving a message? It'd be appreciated by sister and myself.




There's no need to respond in this thread. Thanks!!