View Full Version : A Terra-formed Moon Question

2014-Sep-26, 12:09 AM
For the sake of making the cow spherical (:)) let's assume the Moon was "held still a moment" pumped up to 16psi at the surface with N/O2, (which one study said would stay breathable for about 3000 years).

Then assuming there is a agreed upon "sea level" for the Moon like for other waterless bodies like Venus and Mars, if you filled the basins with water, then let it go again;

A: What kind of tides would these bodies of water experience?

B: Would it probably be better NOT to fill the basins?

Jeff Root
2014-Sep-26, 12:34 AM
You'd have to decide how much water you want to add to
determine "sea level". You can make it whatever you want.

The biggest problem I can think of is that you'd almost certainly
cause a lot of underwater landslides where the ground is steep.

If you only fill craters enough to make a huge number of lakes,
you won't see much in the way of tides. Fill the maria, and the
biggest tides will probably be from the Sun, even though the
tidal gradient of the Earth is way bigger, because Earth doesn't
move very far across the sky, and it moves slowly. The Moon's
lower gravity will make the tides higher, but I expect they will
still be pretty puny compared to tides on Earth, where the bulges
get dragged all the way around the planet every 25 hours, so the
water gets piled up.

-- Jeff, in Minneapolis

Van Rijn
2014-Sep-26, 01:00 AM
I do recall something about the crater issue. There are a *LOT* of craters, with craters in craters in craters. That would cause a lot of separate pools of water for a fair bit of time.