View Full Version : What was this TV ad advertising?

Jeff Root
2014-Nov-09, 06:46 PM
Several weeks ago -- maybe more than two months ago, now --
when I had access to a TV, I saw an ad in which two young women
were talking to each other, and the one on the left (the fabulously
attractive one...) was having a problem with her dental appliance.
It slipped down, out of place, in front. The woman on the right
had no such problem since she had the product being advertised.
Now I can't recall or figure out the purpose and function of the
dental appliance. It looked like a clear plastic tooth protector,
but the women weren't engaged in a tooth-endangering activity.
They were just standing outdoors, talking casually. What was
being advertised?

-- Jeff, in Minneapolis

2014-Nov-09, 07:33 PM
Probably a teeth-bleaching product. Some use a dental appliance to hold the bleaching gel.

ETA: Just googled and found the ad. Yep.

Jeff Root
2014-Nov-09, 09:17 PM
That's what I thought it might be except that people walking
around wearing those things didn't make any sense, unless
they have to be worn for several hours at a time but shouldn't
be used while sleeping. Is that so? Can you provide the link?

-- Jeff, in Minneapolis

2014-Nov-09, 10:55 PM
Here you go:


Jeff Root
2014-Nov-09, 11:24 PM
Thank you!

It's actually the "tray" I am interested in. (Although the
dark-haired actress is mighty appealing, too...) If such a
"tray" fit well and didn't fall out, it might be useful to me
as something to prevent my accidentally biting the insides
of my cheeks. It started the first time I said "yes" when
my dentist asked me if I wanted a painkiller, and I had a
strange reaction to it. Then it seems to have been greatly
exacerbated by lying with the side of my face against a
pillow while sleeping. I stopped using a pillow, and the
problem reduced, but it hasn't gone away entirely, and not
using a pillow is uncomfortable. I thought maybe the tray
thing might let me use a pillow again by preventing my
cheeks from being pressed between my teeth.

-- Jeff, in Minneapolis

2014-Nov-09, 11:35 PM
Depending on the supplier the dental trays are moulded to your bite. I used one for a while about 15 years ago but the hassle factor was too high.

If you're grinding your teeth at night or biting your cheeks you might see your dentist about a custom appliance. Pretty sure it would be covered by medical insurance if prescribed. My dentist wanted me to have one but i thought wearing CPAP was enough hardware to wear during sleep.

grant hutchison
2014-Nov-09, 11:36 PM
Some people wear whitening trays overnight - the over-the-counter versions contain dilute bleach and need a long exposure time. With stronger bleach, you can (and must) wear the tray for a shorter time, so they're worn for a couple of hours in the daytime.
Let's see now: all I need in order to have freakishly white teeth and permanently damaged enamel is to go to sleep with a mouth full of bleach. Hmmm.

Grant Hutchison