View Full Version : This Just In! Constellation Orion Killed JFK!

2005-Jan-09, 02:36 AM
It's on the internet, so it must be true! (http://www.demonhunter.btinternet.co.uk/orion.htm)
I began to realize something that every JFK conspiracy buff from Robert Groden(author of"The Killing of a President") to William Cooper(author of"Behold a Pale Horse") to Richard C. Hoagland seemed to have missed but at the same time ties all of their theories together. I used a graphics program on my computer to lay out the constellation of Orion over a drawing of Dealey Plaza and once I was finished I got the shock of my life. I figured out the"how" of JFK assassination. The diagram is included with this report.And you can be confident of the accuracy of this information because:
Was I abducted? Yes. I was taken aboard a spacecraft of higher intellectual beings and my memory was erased. I had a lot of questions but I never gave any more thought to the experience, but every now and then it would crop up from time to time especially when I glanced at the Orion constellation. The three belt stars constantly reminded me of the UFO, the memories of what I was told came flooding back to me. I remembered one important detail about the beings. They were part of the -- Asar Orion Empire and that they helped found earlier civilizations on this planet like Atlantis. Before this experience, I was never interested very much in science-fiction or even bothered to read many science-fiction books at the time. Therefore anyone trying to debunk this document will always fail.It all makes sense now.

2005-Jan-09, 04:43 AM
Them there aliens don't do a very good job at erasing memories. :)

2005-Jan-09, 10:29 AM
Them there aliens don't do a very good job at erasing memories. :)

Back to the NMD then. For those of you who nothing of such things - that's the Neuralizer Maintenance Department...Every space-worthy starship should have one!! :D

2005-Jan-10, 04:31 AM
that's so cool that I posted it on MythBusters in one of the eternal ice bullet threads.