View Full Version : Infographic: The Rosetta Comet-Probing Mission Cost As Much As Four Jetliners

2014-Nov-17, 02:00 PM
What price do you put on scientific discovery? From the way Twitter lit up last week when the Philae spacecraft touched down on Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko — it was a top-trending topic for a while — it appears there’s a lot of discussion going on about the Rosetta mission and its value to humanity. A recent […]

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2014-Nov-17, 02:51 PM
What people don't understand is the value that the society gets out of these missions well and far beyond what adding a few more Airbuses to some company's fleet will do.

ESA and NASA provide lots of jobs to the community from admin to high tech. The projects and missions that return this science do in fact inspire kids to do well in schools and go to college so they can be a part of it. The science returned gives us benefits in many industries, which in turn creates jobs and energizes the economy.

Also learning to track and land on a comet might one day allow us to save the planet if Earth finds itself a target... Having an extra Airbus or two isn't going to save you then. :)

Amber Robot
2014-Nov-17, 05:40 PM
The infographic seems favorable to Rosetta, showing that it costed, on average, a European less than a single movie ticket.