View Full Version : Rise of the Mega Rockets: Comparing Heavy Lift Launch Systems

2014-Dec-03, 08:50 PM
A new generation of space rockets ready to lift new and exciting payloads spaceward is coming to a sky near you. Tomorrow, a Delta IV Heavy rocket will boost the Orion space capsule on a two orbit journey around the Earth that will test key systems. And though tomorrow’s launch is uncrewed, the Orion Command […]

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2014-Dec-06, 09:23 PM
They didn't show SLS or Falcon XX though.

2014-Dec-06, 10:41 PM
The article portrays the abandoned solid rocket based Ariane 6 as the current design. And bizarrely talks about a new generation of heavy lift rockets, points to a launch of an Ariane 5, which first flew in 1996, and a Delta IV Heavy, and then asks: "Is the ‘battle of the boosters’ heating up?"

And then there's the graphic with "all of these launch vehicles and spacecraft past and present", which actually doesn't have any Delta, Ariane, Atlas V, or Falcon launchers of any sort. In fact, the most recently introduced launcher on the graphic is the Long March 2F, which isn't even the most recent or the largest Long March rocket (and it somewhat randomly includes a few aircraft). And nothing about the future plans of a methane fueled Atlas V replacement, SpaceX's Raptor-based rocket, etc...

It's a rather incoherent and misinformative article.