View Full Version : Look Out Below! Rosetta Will Give Its Comet A Close Buzz In February

2014-Dec-21, 07:40 PM
Remember how breathless we felt when the Philae lander actually made it to the surface of its target comet a few weeks ago? Sure, the maneuvers didn’t go as planned, but the images the spacecraft obtained in its brief spurts of activity on the surface are still being shared and discussed eagerly by scientists (amid […]

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2014-Dec-22, 05:26 AM
why can't it get closer? does it lack the power to return to where it needs to be as the comet gets nearer the sun?and what kind of orbit is it in? around the comet perpendicular to it's path? and lastly, what are the odds that when the comet returns Rosetta will still be tagging along? thanks.......