View Full Version : Finding Lovejoy: How to Follow the Path of Comet 2014 Q2 Through January

2015-Jan-02, 06:20 PM
Have you seen the amazing pics? A bright comet graces evening skies this month, assuring that 2015 is already on track to*be a great year for astronomy. We’re talking about Comet C/2014 Q2 Lovejoy. Discovered by comet hunter extraordinaire Terry Lovejoy on August 17th, 2014, this denizen of the Oort Cloud has already wowed observers […]

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2015-Jan-07, 01:48 AM
Tricky to find in my skies, since they are moderately light polluted and the moon is bright. However with my binos last night I was able to find the fuzzy green blob that is the comet. Pretty exciting, even if I couldn't get any definition. :D