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2015-Jan-06, 06:53 AM
Hi Guys, Thanks for the new format, it has many improvements. And now comes the "but" sandwich. Are we going to get our individual image and crater counts back with the gallery? I know it's not critical to accomplishing the task, "but" it's the only personal feed-back some may receive all year. Glad to be part of CosmoQuest; Dave H

2015-Jan-13, 06:19 AM
Never mind, I figured the above out for myself. Click on Account and then follow the prompts. "I knew that"!

2015-Jan-13, 05:02 PM
As of yesterday. Galleries were put in a place where users could find (on the app page on the bottom of the controls panel to the left of the question mark). There are a few more things that are getting added throughout the month as I get them done. Let me know if I forget something important (its likely)

2015-Jan-13, 09:26 PM
I found the gallery in Vesta Mappers but only the counter is showing and none picture, still great work a like the new look! :D

P.D.: What is the new "blanket" feature in the tools? I can't find info for what is for.

2015-Jan-20, 08:32 PM
Its a new feature. It shouldn't have been added to Live yet. Ignore it.

2015-Jan-22, 02:30 AM
Was thinking something like that :)

No problem, keep that good work :clap:

2015-Jul-10, 05:28 PM
I guess this falls under image and probably asked before. At what Altitude are these images taken? Is Mars done Mapping? are we going to have Ceres to Map?