View Full Version : I might get a good opportunity fore a outreach.

2015-Jan-16, 06:49 PM
I got a lose question about doing some milk-carton panels about space.
So my Idea is.
One about the sun, the planets, solar system at large, the asteroids, stars, black-holes and famous astronomers.

but I think I need help.
so give me some ideas please. And later if some one can make some illustrations in black/white,


2015-Jan-16, 07:54 PM
I can see a pic of Pluto: "Have you seen this planet lately?"

But, really, nice idea.

2015-Jan-16, 08:15 PM
So this is art going on milk cartons? Space-related art there sounds great, the little Horizon ones always just have the same facts about cows over and over again...

2015-Jan-16, 08:57 PM
Yes but only B/W And the run is going to bee in Sweden if implemented

2015-Jan-23, 10:54 AM
News on this. I got approved fore a test-run! So if any one wants to help out please drop me a line.

2015-Jan-23, 02:27 PM
What kind of help would you need?

2015-Jan-23, 05:50 PM
What kind of help would you need?

Mainly illustration but ideas is also welcome. I was planing a tour of the solar system and the pics + text must fit on a box of milk.