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2015-Jan-21, 08:50 PM
The current most-used Solar System mnemonic for remembering the planets and their order from the Sun is “My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Noodles.” But, it’s the “Year of the Dwarf Planet” and some folks are hoping all the dwarfs of our Solar System will get a little more respect and possibly be considered […]

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2015-Jan-21, 09:09 PM
No. :rolleyes:

2015-Jan-21, 10:45 PM
The one I learned from a text book forty years ago is pretty poor too but I still remember it.

Martha Visits Every Monday and (asteroids) Just Stays Until Noon, Period.

Pluto was still a planet then.

2015-Jan-21, 11:34 PM
Here's one for the list given:

Many Voyeurs eat mouldy cheese, Just Sitting Up Naming Planets, hoping more emerge.