View Full Version : Is there someone especially interested in habitable exoplanets?

2015-Jan-26, 02:44 AM
Hi! I'm new in this forum :)

I'm looking for people to talk about potentially habitable exoplanets. I'm pretty interested in issues shuch as the amateur use of the radial velocity method to find exoplanets (Tau Bo÷tis b for example), astrobiology and interstellar space travel. I'm so fascinated by the discovery of Gliese 667 C c and I just can't wait for the confirmation of Tau Ceti e. Is there someone especially interested in these issues?

I'm looking forward to hearing from you!


2015-Jan-31, 02:08 PM
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Welcome to CQ alfa015

Ara Pacis
2015-Jan-31, 04:22 PM
Do you mean actual astronomers or enthusiasts on the board, or both?

2015-Feb-02, 09:07 AM
who will tell my future??????????

2015-Feb-03, 04:25 PM
Try browsing the Life in Space forum. There are plenty of people there who are interested in this topic.