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2015-Jan-27, 06:27 AM
Solar Superstorms can destroy our civilization:



There is currently no theory to calculate them. However, i found a new mathematical principle to calculate the sunspot cycle (most searched for theory). It was published in a mathematical journal, IOSR Journal of Mathematics (IOSR-JM) with following link:

With this theory you can calculate the whole sunspot cycle, including dangerous sunspots... You can compare it with the theory of Newton, but instead of the gravitational attraction, you calculate the whole magnetic field of the Sun.

I am looking for mathematicians and other people as co –authors for the rest of the findings...

Patrick Geryl

2015-Jan-27, 07:49 AM
Dear Triske,

I moved your post from Q&A to Astronomy, as you are not asking a question, but presenting something and want to work with others.

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2015-Jan-31, 09:19 PM
Dear Triske
Please check the following paper on sunspot dynamics


The authors of this paper identify pre flare signatures From measured properties of sunspot groups.

sorry it's not a prediction of the sunspot cycle but it is an in depth study of sunspot dynamics
using historical data.