View Full Version : Amazing Impact Crater Where a Triple Asteroid Smashed into Mars

2015-Jan-28, 10:10 PM
At first glance, you many not guess that this feature on Mars is an impact crater. The reason it looks so unusual is that it likely is a triple impact crater, formed when three asteroids struck all at once in the Elysium Planitia region. Why do planetary scientists think the three craters did not form […]

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2015-Jan-28, 10:25 PM
The shadow seems to be on the wrong side. :confused: I cannot orient this photo in my mind! :wall:

2015-Jan-28, 10:38 PM
Assuming that "up" is north, to me it appears that the sun is at 9:00 and the 2 larger craters' western rims casts a shadow eastward into the craters. The 2 larger asteroids hit first forming the filled-in figure 8 and the 3rd smaller one hit last at 5 :00 on the eastern bottom side of the "8" double crater. Best guess....hope that makes sense lol.