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2015-Feb-14, 03:27 PM
For North American observers during the afternoon and evening of Saturday 2015 FEB 21, the 12% illuminated waxing crescent Moon will occult the magnitude +5.9 planet Uranus. This will be a nighttime event for many east coast observers, and a daytime event out west. For Chicagoland the immersion will occur late in the afternoon, while emersion will happen shortly after sunset.

This will be quite a challenge for Chicagoland telescopic observers, but we’ll have to wait until 2083 for the next nighttime occultation of Uranus. So if you’re not willing to wait until then, let’s see what you can do on February 21.

I’ve created a North American graze map, a preview graphic with data for observers at Chicago's Adler Planetarium, and a set of besselian elements that can be viewed at www.CurtRenz.com/occultations.html

If you would like to know the event times for your specific location, please reply to this thread with a longitude, latitude, elevation and time zone.

Photos and descriptions of the event would be welcome additions to this thread.

2015-Feb-21, 04:31 PM
Reminder: The lunar occultation of Uranus will occur today (Feb 21). Although clouds are in the forecast for Chicagoland. We may have to depend on reports from our east coast friends.

Meanwhile, Chicagolanders (and others in the eastern half of North America) will be favorably positioned for the lunar occultation of Lambda Geminorum during the evening of February 28. Graphics and data for that now appear on my occultations webpage: www.CurtRenz.com/occultations.html

2015-Feb-21, 05:06 PM
Reminder: Uranus is an extended object (and accompanied by satellites as well). What shall be the position of satellites relative to the disc of Uranus during the graze, and how wide shall the partial occultation belt be?