View Full Version : Moon Occults Lambda Geminorum - North America - Feb 28

2015-Feb-26, 04:37 PM
During Saturday evening 2015 FEB 28, the 81% illuminated waxing gibbous Moon will occult the magnitude +3.6 star Lambda Geminorum for many North American observers. This will be a nighttime event for much of eastern North America, and an afternoon event out west. The deep south will be shut out.

Iíve created a graze map, a set of Besselian elements, and preview graphics with data for Chicago. They can be seen at www.CurtRenz.com/occultations.html

If you would like timing predictions for your location, please reply to this thread with your longitude, latitude, elevation and time zone.

Photos and descriptions of the occultation would be welcome additions to this thread.