View Full Version : Mars Loses an Ocean But Gains the Potential for Life

2015-Mar-06, 06:20 PM
It’s hard to believe it now looking at Mars’ dusty, dessicated landscape that it once possessed a vast ocean. A recent NASA study of the Red Planet using the world’s most powerful infrared telescopes clearly indicate a planet that sustained a body of water larger than the Earth’s Arctic Ocean. If spread evenly across the […]

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2015-Mar-06, 10:27 PM
"Before taking flight molecule-by-molecule into space, waves lapped the desert shores for more than 1.5 billion years – longer than the time life needed to develop on Earth. By implication, life had enough time to get kickstarted on Mars, too.

Very Cool Stuff. The article indicates that the remaining water on Mars (13% of the original) is tied up in it's ice caps. I have a gut feeling that there is also an aquifer or two present, as well as what ever may have adapted/evolved from the early beginnings of microbial life. This new info also seems to add some more weight to NASA's claim concerning the famed Mars meteor containing ancient life indicators. Mars, I dig it ;o)