View Full Version : How to Build a Radio Telescope?

2015-Mar-25, 02:54 PM
I am a physics student and I truly want to build a radio telescope which can produce 2D images. I have done some research about radio telescopes, but it is a real vast ocean and I don't still know what to do. I appreciate your help to guide me through.
Would you please guide me this way:
What should I analyze from the pictures, With what application those images are produced, what data do these applications receive, How those data are produced and so on? (exactly in reverse manner)

I really really appreciate it in advance...
I have asked so many people but no one could help me

2015-Mar-25, 08:16 PM
Already posted here (http://cosmoquest.org/forum/showthread.php?156314-How-to-Build-a-Radio-Telescope). Closed.