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Captain Kidd
2005-Jan-19, 01:07 PM
This has been bugging me off and on the last days. One of those “eye openers” when you’re trying to go to sleep. The problem is, I barely remember anything about it. No title, no author, nor main character name, just bits and pieces. All very vague.

However, one positive thing is I’m certain it was either a Newbery Medal book or a similar type of category of books you chose from in school for reports. So I’m sure I read it for school and so a number of others probably did too.

Here’s what I remember (again, sorry it’s really vague):
I think it starts out at a school and for some reason a gypsyish looking wagon is involved. The main character is a girl. The biggest detail I remember is that they live in a small house on a (dirt?) lane across from which is a large woods. I don’t think it’s her immediate family, aunt/uncle or some sort of removed relation of that sort.

In the woods is a large tree. There’s something magical about this tree. (And I think it’s really big, very old.) As a matter of fact I think the plot of the book is her trying to find out what is up with the tree. The family has a very strange connection to it. I think by the end it turns out the tree is giving them some sort of extended life. They’ll live for as long as the tree lives?

I also think I remember that towards the end a carnival comes into play.

So, with those extremely vague details, does this ring any bells with anybody?

2005-Jan-19, 04:55 PM
Sounds like Tuck Everlasting.

Now I'll put in a shameless plug for my thread asking a similar question (http://www.badastronomy.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?t=18608) :)

2005-Jan-19, 04:56 PM
Tuck Everlasting, perhaps?

About a Family who all Drink from a Magic Well, that makes them Immortal?

The Tree isn't what makes them so, but It Grows Next to the Spring that Does, SO The Tree, is Therefore, Also Immortal.

Also, there's a good Metaphore, regarding, What Would Happen, If you could Jump Off the Tree, Would you Go Back Onto The Wheel of Life, or Just Keep Going On, Going On ...

Captain Kidd
2005-Jan-19, 05:08 PM

I have no idea why, but that has been bugging the heck outta me for awhile now.

Makgraf: Doesn't ring a bell sorry. :(