View Full Version : Pre - MIIB BA contest

2002-Jun-28, 11:50 AM
Hypothesising that the upcoming Men In Black II movie will have at least one instance of bad astronomy, I thought it might be fun to have a contest to try to guess beforehand what kind of BA it might actually be, and then see who made the closest guess. You may use any resource you like, so long as you cite your reference. Of course, the contest will have to close on July 3, when the movie opens in theaters. Any takers?

2002-Jun-28, 03:05 PM
I'm good for a WAG... At some point, they will refer to a constellation as if it was a place, not a mere asterism. e.g., "These guys, they come from Scorpius." or, "I've been to Cygnus and back..." Something of that nature.


2002-Jun-28, 06:15 PM
The main problem is the fact that there are aliens in the movie at all. For instance see this Space.com article (http://www.space.com/searchforlife/seti_shostak_visit_020627.html).

2002-Jun-29, 07:31 AM
If there are any space scenes, I expect to see the following:

Air = gravity

Sound propagating through vacuum

However, I don't expect to see to much of this. MIIB is about strange extra-terrestrials, not space.

2002-Jul-01, 03:08 AM
I noticed in one preview that they had one of those explosions with the expanding ring
shockwave, like that other thread was talking about.