View Full Version : Bad Astrophotography in "Deep Impact" (spoilers)

2002-Jun-28, 07:54 PM
On a rainy Sunday recently I tossed my copy of "Deep Impact" in the ol' VCR. I had a printout of TBA's review to check up on him. In the opening scenes I noted an error I didn't find in TBA's review. Whoooo, Whoooo! I finally got one!! (strokes fist in air) /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif
In the opening shots Leo, girlfriend and Teacher are talking about what Leo sees near Mizar & Alcor. Teach says to take a picture and they'll send it to their sponsor out in AZ. (Dr. Wolf)

Bad: Leo puts his eye up to the view finder on the camera mouned on his telescope and pushes the shutter trip button. BAAAAAD boy!

Good: I've personally tried to photograph the Mizar/Alcor double. You MUST use a pneumatic or cable shutter trip or the scope/camera assembly will shake and blur the picture.

Bad: If you watch closely, you will note that Leo is using a Newtonian scope equiped with an equitorial mount and hand powered slow motion tracking controls.

Good: Unless you have ASA 10,000 film (yes I intended that to be a humorous exageration) you must have a motor powered equitorial or axial mount to have a steady enough image of the stars that the picture won't blur.

Just a couple of nits that Phil might add to his review.