View Full Version : Review: Annals of the Deep Sky by Jeff Kanipe & Dennis Webb

2015-May-13, 03:30 PM
Any lover of the night sky knows the value of a good star atlas and an astronomical handbook to guide your exploration of the universe. And while itís true that more information exists out there than ever before online, much of it is intended for a general armchair astronomical audience, or is scattered about the […]

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2015-May-16, 11:31 AM
If the names are familiar to deep sky fans, it might be because they also teamed up to produce the Arp Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies (http://www.willbell.com/handbook/arp.htm): A Chronicle and Observerís Guide in 2006.

Kanipe also wrote a great book in 2006: Chasing Hubble's Shadows, The Search for Galaxies at the Edge of Time.