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2015-May-15, 01:03 AM
I subscribed to the journal Nature some time ago, then stopped for some reason. I occasionally got emails with deals to resubscribe, which I typically trashed, until I got one offering a year for $50. Their anniversary or something. Years ago it was something over $100, and I see now it's still under $200, at least to resubscribe. Yeah, I'll take a year of Nature for that.

But articles (meaning research publications) on astronomy, astrophysics, and even physics, are in the distinct minority in Nature, while articles on neuroscience, molecular biology, and genetics are abundant. It's got more than just articles though, with write-ups on selected articles, a small section on new books, news, etc.

But The Astrophysical Journal is the place to go for the latest in astronomy and astrophysics. What do they want for a year's subscription? I might be able to....

$1,825? :p-default

Ho-kay. I guess I'll just have to get the latest from the forum here. :scope:

2015-May-15, 01:30 AM
Is there a university library near you where you could read it?

2015-May-15, 02:31 AM
Publish your own astronomy magazine and get rich quick.

2015-May-15, 04:33 AM
Join the AAS (American Astronomical Society (http://aas.org/individual-membership/dues-subscription-fees)) and you get a hefty discount. I would think you would qualify for the Educational Affiliate membership or even the Junior member.

And if you are an alumni of a college, they may be happy to give you free access via their library or computer system. The downside this is having to go to the campus itself. Check in the library.

2015-May-15, 12:47 PM
Keep up with arxiv postings. Very little shows up in the ApJ that hasn't been posted there already, and many more readers find current papers there then the journal web site proper. The NASA Astrophysics Data Service does a pretty good job of linking arxiv and journal versions. (A fair number of people in the community debate the exact role of journals in the internet age, with archival value the leading "plus' often cited).

I get the daily arXiv astro listings in my morning email; there are also services available to filter by keywords for less scattershot interests.

2015-May-15, 07:15 PM
Keep up with arxiv postings.

Ah! Good point!