View Full Version : How's VASIMR doing?

2005-Jan-21, 03:48 AM
Good Morning.

Just a question on the Variable Specific Impulse Rocket.
Read some articles about it. Like the idea (what i could fathom of it anyway).
But lately i've heard little about it's development (by Mr Chang-Diaz?).

Is anybody up to speed?

Thank you for your patience.


2005-Jan-22, 12:02 AM
I was thinking exactly the same thing myself about a week ago. Unfortuantely, one of annoything things about these projects is that 80% of them disappear after the enthusiastic NASA press release about how they are going to change the world, and all you can find when you check back to see how it is doing a few years later is a webpage that hasn't been updated since April 2, 1996.

2005-Jan-22, 05:59 AM
Franklin Chang-Diaz gave a talk at our department last year and he said that things were going well and that they had plans to even test it on the ISS. :)

Very interesting and very cool guy! :)