View Full Version : 1977 Chicago White Sox, " The South Side Hit Men".

2015-Jun-14, 12:42 AM
" By self-admission, the 1977 Chicago White Sox couldn't catch, run, or throw; and only on occasion could they pitch. Some felt unwanted and unloved by past teams. Two were told by skeptics that they didn't even belong on the field. Yet it was these qualities that made them one of the most entertaining teams in franchise history. They didn't bunt to move runners along, steal bases to distract the opposing defense, or turn the double play. They just hit and hit until demoralized opponents cried uncle."

That quote came from one of the books on the subject. The attitude they and a lot of fans had back then seems to be lacking today in an arena where each little so-called "key play" or decision is what adds up to every win or loss. Their attitude was that it takes 27 outs to lose a game and don't get excited over every little one mistake. Teams that do get upset over trivia will just let those little irritants permeate the whole team like a virus. The Sox finished third that year but they packed the houses, home and away and were fun to watch. That is all sport really is - fun.