View Full Version : Best way to promote an app?

2015-Jul-07, 10:25 AM
Hey all,

I'm new to app dev, and I'm not really sure how to go about promoting my app. My budget is limited. Any suggestions?


2015-Dec-16, 01:02 PM
Hi ken,

You can promote your app by writing press release, App Review Submission,Classifieds Submission also can submit video of your app on different video submission sites..Feature the App in an Official Blog.here are some links for your reference....


Hope this can help!

2016-Jan-01, 11:12 AM
8 Creative Ways to Promote Your App for Free

1. Leverage Your Mobile Website
2. Feature the App in an Official Blog
3. Focus on Emails
4. Create a Demo Video
5. Consider Alterative App Stores
6. Apply for Awards
7. SEO Matters Here
8. Join Developers & Entrepreneurs Groups on Social Media