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2005-Jan-23, 06:40 AM
"...The prospect of exploring a brand new operating system plus the possibilities of doing hardware design around a tiny, low-power motherboard were too much for me and I bit the bullet and ordered an AmigaOne Micro with OS4 on November 2004."
Specs (http://arstechnica.com/reviews/os/amiga.ars/2)

Theta Orionis
2005-Jan-23, 07:36 AM
I used to own an Amiga 1000.
After it became almost impossible to get software for it, I got a PC.
The Amiga was a good computer at the time.
I wonder if the new one will run old Amiga programs such as Photon Paint.

2005-Jan-23, 08:18 AM
A definite maybe:
"...The operating system launches a 68020 emulator seamlessly in the background when the application's icon is double-clicked. In this release of the OS, the emulator is interpretive only, and provides the speed of about a 50MHz 68040 on the 800Mhz AmigaOne hardware.
As many legacy Amiga applications were designed to run well on a 12MHz 68020 (the CPU of the popular Amiga 1200), this is often fast enough for undemanding apps..."

2005-Jan-23, 03:10 PM
Wow... I thought the Amiga was gone forever, except for a few anemic attempts at preserving the software (like "Amiga Forever"). I still have an Amiga 2000, but it's mainly protecting the carpet from dust now. Considering that I bought it in 1990, it's amazing that I even still have it! Some of the software, though, is (I think) irreplaceable, so that's why it's still hanging around.