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2015-Jul-22, 04:38 PM
I guess this is too new to have gained its own sub forum as yet, but in any case this relates more to a question about tectonics, ancient and modern of the martian surface.

I am assuming readers are familiar with the mapper apps in this. The question is in mapping a crater here, There are some obvious ones, but I see a lot of potentials but which could also be purely tectonic, or possibly craters that have been altered by tectonics, so my question was this, so I am calling on a little bit of geological experience here so that I am not missing craters or misidentifying purely tectonic features as craters, lending to my input being less than useful. Obviously vulcanism can lead to crater like calderas, but are there other tectonic processes thought to have been active on Mars that could lead to circular like, depressions?