View Full Version : clear night viewing

2015-Aug-07, 01:41 AM
Just wanted to say that for the last 3 nights I am in PA and we got clear night sky with no lights in the woods. I walk outside to stare at the universe at about 2am, and see the billions of stars out there. I am no expert on constellations and the like, but it's just striking that humans have seen the same stars for thousands of years.

Too bad we don't have a telescope here(left mine back in NYC), not to say I've never got good viewings home, but with all the lights all over it's rare. So, if anyone comes to the Poconos you could get good universe watchings at night.

2015-Aug-07, 03:17 AM
We just had three nights with awesome ISS passes in a row. Not a common event in these parts. I'll have to check on tonight.

2015-Aug-07, 04:11 AM
Don't undersell binoculars - a good pair of them and a clear sky gives some amazing sights. You don't need a telescope to have fun!

2015-Aug-30, 05:35 PM
Not sure how long the wildfire smoke is going to be an issue out here, might be a while before we get really clear skies...