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2005-Jan-25, 05:49 AM
Wondering if someone might be able to help me.

(BTW - hello! Nice to be here)

In the early 90s I read a book about the Apollo programme, and I'm trying to rediscover what it was. I've read so many and can't remember what it was called.

It dealt, as mentioned, with the Apollo programme. It's main focus, however, was on the engineering behind it all. It dealt with spacecraft but also went into great detail about the launch tower, how it was built, the retracting swing arms, how they were built, the problems getting umbillicals to retract cleanly, the transporter, etc.

It was fascinating reading from an entirely new perspective - and I can no longer remember what it was called.

It was NOT "Chariots for Apollo", and I have read the online "Moonport".

Anyone suggest what it may have been?

2005-Jan-25, 06:06 AM
It might be the book, Apollo the Race to the Moon, by Charles Murray and Catherine Bly Cox.

You can find it here. (http://www.boggsspace.com/) About half way down.

2005-Jan-25, 06:21 AM
That does rings some bells. I don't know if it's the one, or just something I have read. The cover looks familiar.

I'll have to get it just to be sure. :D


Donnie B.
2005-Jan-25, 12:57 PM
Whether or not it's the book you remember, you won't regret getting it -- it's one of the best books on Apollo (in my humble opinion).