View Full Version : Milestone Test Firing of NASA’s SLS Monster Rocket Engine Advances Human Path to Deep

2015-Aug-14, 03:40 AM
With today’s (Aug. 13) successful test firing of an RS-25 main stage engine for NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS) monster rocket currently under development, the program passed a key milestone advancing the agency on the path to propel astronauts back to deep space at the turn of the decade. The 535 second long test firing […]

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2015-Aug-14, 04:23 PM
And because of the present administration wanting to cancel it, only seven years behind schedule!

Woo hoo!

2015-Aug-15, 07:47 PM
It will get there. Shelby will see to that.

Now that it can speed up a Europa mission, maybe the folks at JPL will quit hating on it.