View Full Version : Naming dwarf planets beyond the Kuiper belt

Tom Mazanec
2015-Aug-17, 09:16 PM
Would names of demons be usable for SDO or detached objects (or later on, inner Oort Cloud objects) big enough to be dwarf planets? After all, for centuries many people believed that these were actual, powerful, specific spiritual entities (or are names reserved for "real" (?) entities like Jupiter or Makemake?)
Or how about such sources as the mythoi of Tolkien, Lovecraft, etc.?

2015-Aug-18, 12:10 PM
I think naming them after demons is about the last thing you should do. imagine all the trouble for science that would cause. No, in fact leave all references to modern religions right out of it.

Better to call them after girlfriends/boyfriends/offspring if we are running out of mythological names.

2015-Aug-18, 06:23 PM
Or how about such sources as the mythoi of Tolkien, Lovecraft, etc.?

How about using the IAU established sources?


[Stage 2 of the naming process:] The discovery team suggests a suitable name to the two relevant IAU groups the working groups for Small Body Nomenclature (CSBN) and Planetary System Nomenclature (WGPSN) who together are responsible for naming dwarf planets. The name is intended to reflect the characteristics of the body itself, and be an appropriate moniker derived from mythology. Objects, including dwarf planets, far beyond the orbit of Neptune are expected to be given the name of a deity or figure related to creation; for example Makemake, the Polynesian creator of humanity and god of fertility, and Haumea, the Hawaiian goddess of fertility and childbirth.

2015-Aug-23, 06:48 PM
Given the IAU definition, it is very unlikely any detectable non-luminous body in or beyond the Kuiper Belt would be anything other than a dwarf planet, regardless of mass.