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2015-Aug-24, 04:30 PM
No, really.

Carrie Keagan (Up Close With Carrie Keagan) has booked the female lead opposite Backstreet Boys Nick Carter in Syfys boy-band zombie Western Dead 7, from Sharknado producer The Asylum.


2015-Aug-24, 04:33 PM
No flying sharks? Egad!

2015-Aug-24, 08:26 PM
"boy-band zombie Western"

Gosh, three things I don't like. I'd better mark my calendar. :rolleyes:

The Backroad Astronomer
2015-Aug-24, 09:11 PM
And no one will produce Firefly the musical.

2015-Aug-24, 09:33 PM
"boy-band zombie Western"

Gosh, three things I don't like. I'd better mark my calendar. :rolleyes:

Better unplug your DVR, so it doesn't even get this by accident!

2015-Aug-25, 01:08 AM
No flying sharks? Egad!

Don't lose hope. Look who's producing.

2015-Aug-25, 01:22 AM
Don't lose hope. Look who's producing.

No. No, I won't look.

2015-Aug-25, 01:01 PM
Quality programming on the Sy Fy Channel is very much like the size of meteors hitting the Earth. The vast amount are pea brain size or smaller with the "big" ones only hitting every 10 million years or more.

2015-Aug-25, 02:37 PM
If a good program or movie appeared, I certainly would miss it. I haven't paid attention to it in ages, and don't even hit it when randomly channel surfing for something to kill a little time.

2015-Aug-25, 03:25 PM
I can hear the theme song now. "Drifting along with the stumbling stumbledweebs"

2015-Aug-25, 03:27 PM
I think it should be infractable to use "SyFy" and "Quality" in the same sentence!

2015-Aug-25, 06:06 PM
" Yes.... terrible, just awful, ....couldn't be worse and just plain "Bad" . I am your congenial host, Leonard Pith Garnell , and this has been " Bad Playhouse for Children " :)

( A role Dan Akroyd was born to play )