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2015-Aug-27, 08:05 AM
Hi all,
haven't posted in a while but I wanted to tell you about a little star party some astronomy friends and I organize in the south of Ireland. It's called the Skellig Star Party and it's held in Europe's only Gold Tier Internationl Dark Sky Reserve in Kerry, Ireland. We just had our second annual party two weekends ago and we had such a blast! We have a website and you can read up about this years event here

Another year, another Skellig Star Party | Skellig Star Party (http://skelligstarparty.com/year-skellig-star-party/)

We also had the pleasure of having New Horizons scientist Dr Kimberly Ennico-Smith over from the states for a visit. Managed to nab a quick interview and made this sizzle reel which kind of captures the spirit of our little endevaour. Hope you like!


We're already planning next years event and if anyone is heading over to Ireland next August they'd be super welcome! It's totally free and we give any proceeds to charity.

Clear skies