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2005-Jan-26, 06:22 AM
Jan. 23, 2005 (http://www.jsonline.com/enter/books/jan05/295642.asp)
"Michael Stadther has left clues...sandwiched between the pages of...A Treasure's Trove (http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0976061805/ref=pd_bxgy_text_1/002-2832179-9424853?v=glance&s=books&st=*)...to a real hidden treasure...an unclaimed $1 million...actually 12 jewels hidden in very public places around the United States...all in places where they can be easily accessed without digging, moving or disturbing objects or structures..."

2005-Jan-26, 08:47 AM
There are other schemes like this where it's really a marketing gimmick. In many cases it's an impossible puzzle and there's a time limit. You might have one jewel 'found' get massive additional publicity and sell millions more books.

I wonder if the guy really had "a 25 year long dream" to weave a puzzle into a story.

Ohh.. I'm such a skeptic. [-(

captain swoop
2005-Jan-26, 11:55 AM
Back in the 80s an artist in the uk called Kit Williams did something similar, he had a book called Masquerade and it had text and illustrations that gave clues to the whereabouts of a buried pendant made from gold and various gems in the form of a celtic hare.

It was put into a pottery urn filled with wax and buried.

In the end it was found a few weeks later by a man out walking his dog, he hadn't even heard of the book.

2005-Jan-26, 12:07 PM
This was also done in the movie In the Mouth of Madness. If you took the insane author's book covers and cut out the illustrations it turned out to be a map of New Hampshire with directions to a village where the author was hiding.