View Full Version : Moon Occults Rho Sagittarii - September 22

2015-Sep-20, 05:49 PM
The 67% illuminated waxing gibbous Moon will occult (cover) the magnitude +3.9 star Rho Sagittarii for observers in eastern North America during the evening of Tuesday 2015 SEP 22. Most observers on the east coast should be able to observe the entire event after sunset, weather permitting.

The Moon will be above the horizon for Chicagoland observers during the entire event, however the immersion will occur before sunset while the emersion will come after sunset. For the location of the Adler Planetarium I predict immersion at 17:59:44 CDT and emersion at 19:20:05.

Immersion will occur on the lunar dark limb and emersion on the bright limb. The nighttime southern graze path will be in the Caribbean Sea, while the northern graze path will be in space above the North Pole. Observers on the southern graze path will witness the star winking on and off as lunar hills and valleys pass by. Observers north of the graze path will see a full occultation.

Iíve created a graze map, preview graphic with data for New York City, and a set of Besselian elements. They can be seen at www.CurtRenz.com/occultations.html

Photos and descriptions of the event would be welcome additions to this thread. If you would like specific occultation predictions for your location, please reply to this post with your longitude, latitude, elevation and time zone.