View Full Version : How to (Hopefully) Find Clear Skies for Tonight’s Total Lunar Eclipse

2015-Sep-27, 05:10 PM
We’ve arrived at eclipse day, so now the big question is, will it be clear? My favorite forecast for major astronomical events reads something like this:*Fair skies tonight with light winds and lows in the middle 50s.While I hope that’s exactly what’s predicted for your town, in my corner of the world we’re expecting “increasing […]

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2015-Sep-27, 06:05 PM
It's cloudy here at the moment, but the sun disk is visible and the past two nights, we could see the moon through haze. I guess seeing it hazy and red is better than not seeing it at all.

2015-Sep-27, 09:20 PM
Yeah it's showery and cloudy here too on the east coast, some blue sky popped in and out this afternoon so might catch a clear glimpse of it if lucky. At least it lasts longer than trying to catch a total solar eclipse in cloudy weather, was thinking about the upcoming Aug 2017 one that slices the USA in half.....T-minus 23 months and counting....

2015-Sep-28, 05:06 AM
Beautiful clear sky out here, I guess that's about the only positive thing about our drought...