View Full Version : Why Don’t We See the Curiosity Rover’s Arm When it Takes a Selfie?

2015-Oct-15, 08:20 PM
Every time the Curiosity rover takes a ‘selfie’ on Mars, we get the same questions: “How was this picture taken?” “Why isn’t the rover’s arm or the camera visible in this picture?” “In all of Curiosity’s selfies, the camera mast is never visible… why?” And (sigh) “What is NASA hiding???” The answer is simple and […]

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2015-Oct-16, 03:41 PM
When I first saw the rover photo, my first thought was that it was stitched images, not secret Martian photographers. But the image, at first glance, seems odd because we see the entire rover "head" to "toe". That's hard to do in a single snapshot, even with a selfie stick. So I don't see the value of pointing out that people take selfies all the time but their hands are behind the camera. Every single-shot selfie I've seen is just of a person's head, or head-and-shoulders, or head-and-torso. The pic taken by Pamela Gay is no exception.

When I see a selfie that shows the photographer's entire body, arms presumably held at the side, then I'll be impressed.