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2015-Oct-18, 10:50 PM
This is a very broad question and subjective...ahem. What is art? Is art anything that we deem it to be? Can I rope off an area in a room and entitle it "Invisble Rodan"? Is that art, ironic art, or a joke? Same with writing...I used to write down graffiti (written) because it spoke to me. When does art become "watered down"?

Can animals be truly creative or is this mimicry?

Is a 3 years old's finger painting more brilliant than one of VanGogh's best 300 million painting? It is sad that most lose their creativity as they get older. I think I'm finding mine...not sure yet. Bbp

2015-Oct-18, 11:31 PM
First you have to get an Art Licence from the Art Licensing Department....this is a long drawn out Kafkaesque procedure that can take weeks of wandering around huge buildings and sleeping in waiting rooms. Once you have an Art Licence, anything you make and deem as art is art, and can be described as art.

2015-Oct-19, 12:28 AM
As an artist and writer, I have to say... I have no clue.

2015-Oct-19, 01:12 AM
If you create a thing of beauty in " someone's view " ( be it audio, visual , performing ,static display etc... ) and THEY find it worthy , then it is an art form.
Art is a most subjective concept. If an artist walks through an exhibit of modern art , even though his discipline is more classical, he can appreciate
the design , colour juxtapostion , execution and materials employed. It may not exactly be for everyone , but it remains an art form.
I have seen some of the worst excuses for art , and they merely represent a rude and hostile protest in philosophy . Their expression is quickly taken to the guillotine where it belongs. Those numbers are small as is the audience. Unworthy is the epithet they get tarred with.
Carol King is singing on pandora; song: "Far away" . A beautiful song with staying power. Worthy of the title: " Artist " .
Vincent Van Gogh NEVER sold a painting , although he gave one to his brother for his help. So financial success has nothing to do with art.
There is a wonderful statue of George Washington in the Public Garden in Boston . A truly heroic work of art for all the world to see and remember
both the artist and a gentleman we should all honour and remember well. If you travel to London and pass through Heathrow , you will see a tiled wall with the phrase " All You Need Is Love " . May your life be just a little better, a little happier for the genuine art the world has seen fit
to uphold and say " This is Art " .
On my birthday a few days ago, my grandchildren made some birthday cards for me .... in crayon :) They are among my most treasured art.

Best regards,

2015-Oct-19, 05:32 AM
I actually asked the question in an art supply store, "do you sell artistic licenses?". They sent me to an address on Fake Street. Still looking for that street.

2015-Oct-19, 05:35 AM
I agree....children may be (no are) the greatest artists. They see the world with wonder; where literally everything is new, and all things are possible.

2015-Oct-21, 01:20 AM
I'm fond of saying that modern art is merely the continued attempt to define art. For what it's worth, any attempt to put art into a neat categorical box will--and must--fail.

If you create a thing of beauty in " someone's view " ( be it audio, visual , performing ,static display etc... ) and THEY find it worthy , then it is an art form.

That's about it, IMO.

2015-Oct-21, 03:39 AM
Self expression without regard to reality or logic? I am sure it fails rather quickly, but that is off the top of my head.

2015-Oct-21, 01:15 PM
Calvin & Hobbes thoughts on the subject matter (http://www.stephen-coley.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/calvin-and-hobbes-art.jpg).

And snow art (http://www.artinthepicture.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2007/11/snow-art.jpg)

2015-Oct-22, 12:18 PM
Art? I went to school with him, nice guy.

2015-Oct-22, 03:51 PM
Former king of England, right?

2015-Oct-22, 07:01 PM
art? I went to school with him, nice guy.


Hieda no Akyuu
2015-Oct-22, 08:14 PM
I would say that art is an expression of the artist's thoughts.