View Full Version : Monster Cat 5 Hurricane Patricia Strongest Ever Recorded Menaces Millions in Mexico;

2015-Oct-24, 12:21 AM
Hurricane Patricia, the strongest storm in recorded history with winds exceeding 190 mph is right now menacing millions in Mexico after suddenly intensifying with little warning over the past day, threatening widespread catastrophic destruction as it barrels towards frightened residents along the nations Pacific coast and makes landfall this evening, Friday, Oct. 23. NASA astronaut […]

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2015-Oct-24, 01:47 AM
This is a terrifying event , and there will be wide spread effects so far as mass quantities of rain throughout the region, but the severe effects of winds
at 190 mph with higher gusts is surely catastrophic . In some areas, there will be very little sign than man had ever been there. Storms like this can turn an area into a landfill. Then, there is the severe storm surge and heavy wave action ( 25 to 30' + ) . There are no vessels that survive this kind of event. Hopefully, most of the tourists got out. Wind like this picks up cars and trucks like an angry dog grabs a bone. More water headed towards
already wet Texas ,New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas . In the flat areas, that water will persist.
This thing came on way too fast , a result of overheated ocean temperatures and not so much wave action to stir it up.
I can only hope things go better than perceived.
What can you do with 25 " of rain? Not good.

2015-Oct-24, 01:54 AM
I hope southern New Mexico is spared. :hand: We have had enough rain.

2015-Oct-24, 03:53 AM
I feel for you, Buttercup. Ground is over wet, and not much place for more water to go. I hope you can put your car on higher ground.

Best of luck,

2015-Oct-24, 12:11 PM

it's gone. No more hurricane.

2015-Oct-25, 01:17 AM
Apparently this compct storm "threaded the needle" , missing the larger towns . That is something.

2015-Oct-25, 01:31 AM
Apparently this compct storm "threaded the needle" , missing the larger towns . That is something.

Yes, thank goodness.

Not a drop of anything here. Not even outlying cloud bands.

2015-Oct-25, 09:20 PM
Must be the power of prayer.